If you are interested to become a  part of our big Everspring family as resident or as staff, please feel free to email us or call us. Our 20+ acre campus have 9 more buildings to go.


10/22/2019 Walls erection

The concrete walls are cast on site. After drying for a few weeks, the wall panels are ready to be erected. 

9/5/2019: TILT WALLS in progress

These concrete tilt walls are 8 to 10 inches thick and will withstand hurricane. 

7/25/2019: Harris County utility installing water meter

7/20/19: Pour concrete foundation

After the completion of underground pipelines, workers started working diligently at 3 O'clock in the morning on the foundation. 

5/3/2019: Workers are working on the underground pipelines.

Check out this great video

Pour, set and level the concrete pile 4/13/2019

Check out this great video

Pouring concrete into the humongous hole 4/12/2019

There are 72 x 18 foot deep large holes for the concrete piles to support the building.  The piles looked like 18 foot tall inverted funnel with diameters of 10.5 foot at the bottom and 4 foot at the top.

The New Beginning of Everspring Living


Hello Halloween 2019

Oh........... so graceful and fun; our golden girls are enjoying themselves on stage.

Golden girls fan dance

Seniors ranging 80+ to 97 years young led by teacher. Age is just a number....come and have fun with us.......

Enchanted Catwalk by beautiful seniors at Sunshine

Recorded on March 15, 2018

They are so adorable wearing Chinese Qipao.....................and full of life.

Caravan of Sunshine Community Center to Hibachi Grill 1/2019

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About Us

Coming Soon Autumn 2020!


Everspring Living is a heavenly home for retirees. It is home for worry free golden age living. Everspring can take care of every need in your daily living. It is forever your home sweet home. Everspring Living is sitting on a 20+ acre campus of prime land in West Houston near Hwy 6. Its construction is scheduled to be completed by Autumn 2020. Many future residents have already secured their one or two bedroom apartments. Space is filling up quickly. The special limited offer is expiring soon. Therefore, don't wait any longer. Please contact us if you are interested to make Everspring Living your home sweet home. 

Special Discount !


Everspring Living is the home of your dreams. It is a gated community to provide a safe haven to our residents. It is a Large Type B, Apartment Type assisted living with first class service and all amenities to suit a retired living style. The pricing of Everspring Living is fair based on market value. 

A 100% refundable larger deposit can further reduce your lease $$$; hence you may even be able to live here for free of charge*.  Please contact us for further discussion if you are interested in making Everspring your future home. This special offer may end when we have secured enough fund to build our second building.

*  $ Special Plan $ *

Safe Haven


Everspring Living provides full service retirement community living. Ten buildings have been planned on the  20+ acre campus with three to ten stories each consisting of two assisted living facilities with an Alzheimer's wing, four with independent living, a club house/activity center, medical center and shopping strip. There are out door walking trails around the lakes, an exercise area with outdoor exercise equipment, gardens and an orchard that you can enjoy.  All meals, utilities, laundry, personal care, medicine administration, transportation, housekeeping and other needs will be provided. Therefore you can be happy and worry free. WE WILL TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. 

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours at our day care center (6501 Westline Drive, Houston, TX 77036) to discuss about your future home at Everspring Assisted Living.

Everspring Assisted Living

6913 Pavilion Drive, Houston, TX 77083, USA

(713) 988-2843 or (713) 518-5377


Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm (after office hours by appointment)

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: By appointment

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