Frequently asked Questions:

Q:  Who can move into this Everspring Living?

A:  Anyone who wish to live in a worry-free retirement community and enjoy life.

Q:  If I am still able and have good health, can I stay in Everspring?

A:  Yes. You will enjoy life living in Everspring. It is like living in a five-star resort with full service. 

Q: Will I be moved to other nursing home when my health deteriorates?

A:  No. Everspring will take care of you till the end. 

Q: If I have been bed-ridden for a long time, can I move into Everspring Assisted Living?

A:  No. You have to move into nursing home to get complete medical care. 

Q: If I have Dementia or Alzheimer, can I live there?

A:  Yes. We have memory care units. 

Q: I do not have children or anyone else to take care of my last issue, can I authorize Everspring in this matter?

A:  Yes. We can discuss this matter in private with our legal team. 

Q: Do you have apartment that accommodate three people?

A:  Yes. Our two-bedroom apartment is almost 1300 sq ft and it can live three people. 

Q: If I am one person, can I live in a two-bedroom apartment?

A: Yes. 

Q: How big is your smallest apartment?

A:  Our smallest one-bedroom apartment is more than 600 sq ft.

Q: Do you have personal refrigerator/freezer in the apartment?

A: Yes. 

Q: Do you have generator?

A:  Yes.  Once the city electricity is stopped, our generator will automatically kick in. Therefore, you don't have to worry about black out.

Q:  If I need help at night, do you have anyone to help me?

A;  Yes. We have staff working 24/7, therefore, you have no worry. 

Q:  Will I get bored living there?

A: No. You will have plenty of activities to do from singing, dancing, games, puzzles, gardening, exercises, field trips organized cruises, ball games, theatres etc............

Q: Do you have personal washer and dryer in the apartment?

A: Yes. 

Q:  Do you have laundry service?

A:  Yes. 

Q: Do you have room service?

A:  Yes. 

Q: Do you have transportation service?

A:  Yes. 

Q: Do you have internet, cable TV, WiFi?

A:  Yes. 

Q:  Do you have kitchen in the apartment?

A: Yes. We have kitchenette. However we do not encourage you to cook in your apartment since we have provided all meals 24/7. This is to prevent fire hazard and unpleasant cooking odor. 

Q:  Do I have to pay to live there?

A:  Yes.

Q: Is there an age limit to live there?

A:  No children.

Q:  How much do I have to pay to live in a retirement community?

A:  Current market price to live in a decent retirement living place ranges from $4500-$7,000 per month per person depending on the size of the living space, the level of service and the condition of your health. You should visit a few of the Large size, Type B, assisted livings and independent livings to make some comparison and future planning. 

Q:  Do I have to make a large deposit to live in Everspring?

A:  NO. 

Q:  If I want to make a large deposit, what kind of benefit will I get?

A:  If you are willing to invest your money in Everspring, then for each $100,000 refundable deposit, you will be able to enjoy a $500/month discount from your monthly rental. The more you deposit, the more the discount. You may deposit up the the maximum discount which is the total monthly rental; meaning you will live FREE rent. We have to sign a legal contract on this special plan to protect each other. 

Q:  Will this special offer on deposit expire?

A:  Yes. When we have completed all our building construction, and we have no use for money, we will stop this extraordinary offer. 

Q:  I am not ready to move into Everspring yet. Can I give you a deposit to secure the space? 

A: Yes, depending on how long. You may discuss with us in person. Most probably, we could give you a 2% interest on your large deposit (minimum $100,000) and you may apply this interest to your future rent. When you moved into Everspring, then we will bump up your 2% to 6% while this extraordinary offer is still on going.

Q:  I do not know how much I need to plan for my retirement living, can I discuss with you?

A:  Yes. You may make  an appointment to meet us in our office. 

Q:  Do you accept long term care insurance?

A:  Yes. 

Q:  What is long term care insurance?

A:  Long term care insurance will pay for your assisted living, personal home care and nursing home.....depending on the individual policy. You may speak to an insurance agent to learn more about this. 

Q:  What kind of food do you serve?

A:  We will have Asian and American food. However we will try our best to meet your need. 

Q: Does it flood at your land?

A: No. We are not on flood zone. We were not flooded during Katrina, Rita nor Harvey Hurricane. 

Q: Do you need to evacuate during hurricane?

A: Our building is built to withstand category 4 hurricane with concrete steel tilt walls and hurricane grade windows. Plus we have generator. 

Q: Do you have elevator?

A: Yes. We have large elevators that fit the ambulance gurney.